How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet?

No doubt, it with many benefits of training your cat to use the toilet. It can help reduces strange smells caused by the litter box and decrease the work to cleaning. Although it will take some time and patience to train your cat, it deserves.

Each pet to the new home needs some basic training and time to adopt the new life. Especially, how to train your cat to adapt to new life faster will be the first topic for your cat.

As we said at the begin, training your cat to use the toilet is very important. In general, these cats who are untrained maybe urinate and defecate anywhere, which is quite unhealthy habits.

As cat food advisor suggest that when your kitten begins to eat solid cat food at 3-4 weeks of age, they can start training to use the toilet. In fact, kittens are usually easier to train than adult cats.

How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet?

However, how to train cat to use the toilet?

Just be patient to follow the training guide precisely to do it.

1. The first thing is to let your cat know where litter box

You should put the cat’s litter box in the bathroom that your cat is the easiest access to, and place the litter box near the toilet.

Then you can guide your cat to use the litter box, after a few times, your cat will know where the cat litter box.

In this step, you need a cat litter box to train your cat. You can buy one from online by referring the best automatic litter box – buyer’s guide.

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2. After the prepare works are the time to train your cat how to use the litter box

To do that, you should place your cat in the litter box when he/she need peeing or defecation, especially for the kittens, they need your help. When your cat tilts up its tail and squatting down, you can identify that your cat needs to urinate. Now, it’s time to hold your cat in the cat litter box.

You need to repeat this process again and again until your cat know how to use the cat litter box.

When your cat chooses to other places to urinate, do not press its nose over the urine. Because your cat will be attracted by the smell, and thinking there is a fixed “toilet”.

These places should be thoroughly and regularly cleaned to prevent cats from urinating in the area.

3. If you want to train your cat further, you can replace the cat litter box with a training seat filled with flushable litter. Or even, you can train your cat how to use the automatic flush toilet if you have the time and patience.

However, toilet training is not suitable for every cat, and many vets suggest against toilet training cats. If you and your cat do not have the right mind, it might be better to use the litter box.


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