Top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world

Want to raise a cat, but don’t know which cat breed is the best?  What are the pet cat is more popular, and it is easier to raise?

Certainly, it’s not easy to choice a suitable cat species, that’s why we decide to create a list of Top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world to give you some advice.

Okay, let’s go ahead and have a look the details of the most popular cat species in the world.

10. American Wirehair – the Most Distinctive Cat Breed

American Wirehair - the Most Distinctive Cat

American Wirehair is the most distinctive cat species in the United States. Because American Wirehair is too subversive for the traditional cognition of the cat, so not very popular. Even in United States is not widely popular. It can’t be more better  to get a full of personality of the American short-haired cat.

American Wirehair is very strong and funny, it spent a lot of time to consume strong  physical and energy. The American Wirehair loves to make friends, when guests come to the house, the american wirehair cat will take the initiative to enthusiastically rub the guests legs instead of be shy to escape.

The best important fact is the cat species is very easy to raise, the cat food advisor told that the owner don’t need to worry about the cat diet and health. Because it’s rough coat, the number of combing can be reduced to once a week. Raiseing such a cat, you just play with it.

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9. Snowshoe Cat- Smart Hybrid Cat Breed

Snowshoe Cat- Smart Hybrid Cat Species

Snow shoe is a hybrid breed cat of Siamese cat and two-color American short-haired cat. It looks like a Siamese cat. Snowshoe cat not only have attractive appearance, and also lively and smart, desire the owner’s favor, like to communicate with the owner to play. Snow shoe cat are very clean and live very happy in the comfortable home. Snow shoe cat like lying on the window to enjoying the sunshine.

However, because of  snow shoe cat’s heavy weight, the owner to keep cat in a good body is very important. Cat food advisor suggested it’s better to choose not too high calories and the proportion of protein is appropriate cat food for your cat. In order to keep the energy needed in the exercise, you can choose cat canned food for your snow shoe cat. Cat food advisor consider that the snack cat food is not suitable for snowshoe cat, because your snow shoe cat will not do what you want it to do even you give it the reward. Snow shoe cat is susceptible to obesity disease. Maybe you want to know about what’s food not suitable for cat.

In short, the snow shoe cat is a very personal and giving people felt thick breeds of cat. In daily life, you just need to comb the coat for your snow shoe cat and regular bath, which can meet all the care needs.

8. Havana Brown Cat – A Very High IQ Cat Breed

Havana Brown Cat - Has a Very High IQ Cat

Havana brown cat come from United Kingdom, although the history of Havana cat is short, but very famous due to that many people believe that the whole brown cat can protect the owner from the doom. In short, if you want a smart, easy to feed, love the cats as a friend, with the same sweet as the appearance and color of the Havana cat is undoubtedly the most perfect choice for you.

Havana brown cat has a very high IQ so that it can quickly remember his name, it likes to communicate with others,  Havana brown cat will use the claws to touch you or jump in front of you when it wants to get the your attention.

Havana brown cat has no special needs. However, cat advisor suggest us to know that Havana brown cat’s tail at the sebaceous glands are well developed, which will secrete a lot of oily substances, so that it is easy to dirty. If you ignore it, it will develop into dermatitis. So it is necessary to clean the dirty place. The most popular color is brown, so the cat species called Havana brown cat.

7. Ragdoll Cat – The Most Cute Cat Breed

Ragdoll Cat - The Most Cute Cat Breeds

In all different types of cats, the ragdoll cat is the most cute cat species.  The cat as its name, the ragdoll cat’s character is rather tender and be completely trust the owner. When you hold a ragdoll cat just like a child hold with a doll toy, it will relax and lie in your arms. The ragdoll cat is very sticky, in addition to lying the door every day to wait you home, but also following you in the house walking, often asking to lie on your body, even sleeping can not leave you.

The ragdoll cat is very gentle and can live in harmony with children, the elderly and other small animals. In short, the ragdoll cat is an elegant, gentle cat species.

6. Abyssinian Cat – King Style Cat Breed

Abyssinian Cat - King Style Cat Breeds

The origin of Abyssinian cat is Ethiopia. Abyssinian cat’s appearance is very personality and full of wild. In all the cat species, Abyssinian cat is a breeds of cats being with king style. Abyssinian cat is known as aristocracy in the short haired cat, and it is the world’s most popular short haired cat.

However, due to the breeding rate of Abyssinian cat is not very high, so that Abyssinian cat is very rare and precious family pets on all over the world. Cat food advisors have researched shows that Abyssinian cat is not susceptible to disease, it’s a cat species very easy to raise.

Abyssinian cat’s character is very different from it’s appearance, it not only is warm and lovely, good at jumping, but also loves enjoying the sunshine and playing water. Don’t worry that Abyssinian cat will make too much noise at home, it’s miao noise is gentle and sweet too. Certainly, Abyssinian cat is  a very good family pet and especially suitable for the elderly ower.

5. Russian Blue Cat –  Winter Wizard Cat Breed

Russian Blue Cat -  Winter Wizard Cat Breeds

As we all known, Russian blue cat is famous as “winter wizard”.  Russian blue is the cat with the most thick coat, and the most special is that Russian blue cat’s coat is upright instead of close to the body.

Russian blue cat is gentle, action clever and strong physical health, these factors make Russian blue cat more suitable feed in low temperature or four distinct cities, which will make it’s hair better smooth.

Although Russian blue cat is short-haired cat, the cat advisors suggested the owner should regularly combing it’s coat. Which not only can maintain the coat gloss, but also can promote the blood circulation of the skin. Bathing is not very important for Russian blue cat. Because it is very clean, it can be cleaned once a month if it is not particularly dirty.  Russian blue cat is not susceptible to disease too.

In addition to good care, the Russian blue cat also has a quiet inner world, like a quiet family environment, so it is the most suitable  for the elderly to raise.

4. Siamese Cat – the Most Popular Asian Cat Breeds

Siamese Cat - the Most Popular Asian Cat Breeds

Siamese cat is  the earliest cat species of oriental short-haired and recognized by the International Cat Association. The Origin of Siamese cats is Thailand. Siamese cat is lively personality, the mechanism of flexibility, curiosity is very strong, and very understanding people.

It is worth mentioning that the Siamese cat can even learn to turn somersault, pick and other skills. However, the headache is that Siamese cats a little “tuberculosis”. It likes to keep meow, talk with the owner,  and act as a child shouting when not satisfied.

Cat food advisor told that Siamese cats are well suitable for feeding at home, if you can endure the above characteristics, because Siamese cat is very easy to take care and not susceptible to disease.

3. Bengal Cat – Energetic Cat Breed

Susceptible to malnutrition

Bengal Cat originate from United States. It is always energetic, very smart and has a strong curiosity on things, but no offensive. Although Bengal cat is very thin, but it’s muscles are strong. However,  if you notice your Bengal cat too thin, maybe your cat is in the growing period that need more nutrient, or due to lacking of calories. Bengal Cat is susceptible to malnutrition, so that you need cat food advisor help to choose high calorie cat food.

Take care of the Bengal cat is very easy, all you need to do is carding and bathing for it.

2. British Shorthair Cat – Susceptible to Obesity Cat Breed

British Shorthair Cat - Susceptible to Obesity Cat Breed

British shorthair cat is very popular cat types. If you have one British shorthair cat, you will find it’s very easy to take care. First of all, the British shorthair cat’s coat is very short so that you don’t need to worry about it tie a knot, which is similar to other shor-haired cat. What’s you should do is to combing it’s coat regularly. If you can clean up the dust in the thick coat every day, British shorthair cat can not washing for a few weeks.

The biggest challenge for British shorthair cat’s owner is to keep your cat slim figure. For British shorthair cat likes quiet life, so that little calories cost every day. Therefore, British shorthair cat is susceptible to obesity. Cat food advisor suggested to feed fewer high calories cat food to it.

1. American Shorthair – the Most Healthiest Cat Breed

American Shorthair - the Most Healthiest Cat Breed

I will strongly recommended that to raise an American shorthair cat, if you are just a novice and want to raise a purebred cat. American shorthair cat is moderate size, very strong, warm and dozens of colors. American shorthair cat likes to sit quietly in a place and patiently waiting to communicate with people. For this, the American shorthair cat is very suitable for the elderly or children’s family to feed, will not disturb the family to rest.

Another advantage is that the resistance of American shorthair cat is very strong and rarely sick.  According to statistics, the American shorthair cat’s clinical admissions rate is the lowest in all cat species.  In addition to regular immunization and examination, there is no genetic cat disease and predisposing.

Okay, We have introduce the most popular cats breeds around the world. Here is the other list of cat breeds includes only domestic cat breeds and domestic and wild hybrids. Hopefully, this list should solve your cat choosing woes.

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