These Signs Show Why You Should Invest in The Best Kitten Food

Just like human babies, cat babies have different needs compared to adult cats. Kittens need more time and attention, as well as more care than an adult cat.

Kittens are a bit more dependable, sensitive and…cute?

In general, kittens are more hyperactive and playful. If you have a kitten you will know this because something is already broken.

When comes to cat food, kittens also have different and more nutrition needs than adult cats. The kitten food should contain more calories and simply more nutrition.

That’s because kittens are growing and developing, and they do need a lot of energy during this process.

As a cat owner, you should invest in the best kitten food for your cat’s health.

In this article, our cat food advisor will talk about why it worth your investment in the best kitten food, show what is the best kitten food and how to choose the best kitten food for your pet.

How old is a cat that can be considered as a kitten?

Okay, the first thing you should figure out is how old a cat can be considered as a kitten? It’s important to know whether you have a very young cat.

As we said, kittens need food that is different from the one we give to our adult cats, which means that for a certain period of time you will have to feed the kitten special food made for its age.

In general, a cat is considered as a baby or a kitten until it is one year of age.

However, there are exceptions in some cases and with certain cat breeds, but in most situations, this is the period that a cat usually is considered as a kitten.

 Why should you invest in the best kitten food?

It’s very important for the body growth and development of the kitten to take in enough nutrition every day. It’s similar to human beings, enough nutritious food is the most need thing in this period.

That’s why you should invest in the best kitten food for your lovely kittens.

However, What’s the nutritional needs of a kitten?

As we mentioned above, a kitten needs more and abundant nutrition in the food than an adult cat. Which means more proteins, more vitamins, minerals and more amino acids.

It is recommended to avoid things like raw meat, milk or raw eggs since the immune system of the kitten still isn’t strong and resistant enough.

SO, it’s our responsibility to buy the well suited and best kitten food for our kittens.

However, how to figure out and buy the best kitten food?

Don’t worry! We’re going to go through a few stages of the kitten’s development to break down what is the best kitten food for a certain period.

If you are in hurry, check out this kitten food review article:

How to Buy the Best Kitten Food?

How to choose the best kitten food?

Buy kitten milk replacer for the newborn kitten.

Naturally, a newborn kitten within 0-6 weeks should be with the cat mother. The mother feeds the kitten just as it is the case with humans.

The cat’s milk has all nutrition that the kitten needs in order to keep growing and to stay healthy.

However, the reality is that sometimes kittens are not raised by their mothers.

If you found a newborn kitten the first thing you should do is try and find a cat that breastfeeds.

This would be the best solution to the problem, but sometimes it isn’t so simple. If you can’t do this, you should buy kitten milk replacer.

Two good milk replacer for kittens:

Consult your local cat food advisor if you can’t purchase these kitten milk replacer immediately, and ask for what and how to feed the kitten.

Taking care of a baby kitten is a complicated job if you are not experienced in this.

Attention! One thing to avoid as much as possible is feeding the kitten with cow milk.

Because kittens lack the enzymes to digest cow milk, and it can cause serious digestive issues for a kitten. Cow milk in kittens can cause diarrhea which can even be lethal.

When this sensitive period of the kitten’s growth is over, then you should start considering introducing your kitten to more solid foods.

At this time when you need to start looking for the brands of kitten food available on the market. The following are the top 5 kitten food brands in the market.

Top 5 best kitten food brands

In one of our previous posts, we discussed cat food and mentioned a few brands among which some of the top kitten food too. You can check that post if you’d like.

What does best kitten food should contain?

Lots of proteins, the right amount of minerals and vitamins that help the kitten develop and grow.

Check out the best kitten food review.

Wet kitten food or dry kitten food for your kitten?

All of the cat food brands we mentioned above make both wet food and dry food for kittens.

But which one should you buy?

Ok, let our cat food advisor give you the answer. Keep reading.

When your kitten is still young the answer is obvious, in this period, you should choose the wet food for your kitten.

You can’t really give a kitten whose teeth are still getting strong some dry crackers. If you still to do that, please add some water to soften the food.

But as the teeth grow stronger and this is still a kitten, the question remains that wet food or dry food for your kitten?

Once the kitten is able to chew dry food, you should add it to the diet. You should make sure the food diverse and offer a mix of dry and wet food. Both of them have benefits.

Remember that the best kitten (wet & dry) food is the one that does not contain any grains, artificial flavorings, and coloring.

Kitten food should be high in proteins and amino acids and low in carbs.

So, figure out the ingredients and the quality of the cat food products you’re purchasing. Always purchase a reputable cat food brand.

Can I give raw cat food to your kitten?

You should avoid feeding your kitten on raw food.


As we mentioned before, their immunity still isn’t very resistant to bacteria.

So, until your kitten is at least 20 weeks of age, it’s better to avoid introducing the kitten to raw meat.

What should avoid when it comes to kitten food?

You should avoid feeding raw cat food products to your kitten, especially the raw food isn’t fresh. Avoid grains in the food. The milk and dairy products should also be a big no.

Many of these apply to adult cats as well, and never give a kitten garlic, onion, chocolate.

Kittens are playful and hyper, and they will get their little paws and teeth in just about everything. So, you should keep dangerous food out of the kitten’s reach.

The kitten diet applies until the kitten is between 8-12 months old. You’ll see the changes in the kitten as it grows into an adult cat.

This is the time you should start to implement a diet for adult cats.

Keep these guides in mind when feeding your kitten!

Kittens need more calories, but that doesn’t mean two or three huge portions of kitten food a day.

The kitten’s stomach is small and not so strong, so divide the food into smaller portions and feed your kitten many times a day.

Always keep wet food fresh because it can easily go bad developing bacteria, which are a risk for kitten’s health.

The kitten needs more hydration than an adult cat, so don’t forget to provide plenty of fresh water at all times.

It’s important that you have a feeding schedule for your kitten. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be ideal. So, feeding your kitten at least three times a day.

Different cat food brands have different instructions about the portion size. You should find these on the packaging and read them carefully in order to determine how big portions you should serve your kitten.

When introducing your kitten to a new cat food, always do it gradually. Never cut off what you previously fed your kitten suddenly. Because that can cause some digestive problems to your kitten.

The high-quality kitten food is one of the very important components of a kitty’s healthy and happy development. So, never buy cat food from questionable brands.

If you are not very familiar with your kitten’s health and eating preferences, take time and consult with pet experts so you can provide the kitten with what it needs.

Once a kitten starts to grow into an adult cat you will find it easier to balance and plan the meals. An adult cat doesn’t need to eat as frequent, and at this time you can think about feed raw cat food to your cat if you want to do.

Before you decide on the diet of your feline, you should check their health and see what is good for their diet and what not. Because some felines might have health problems and may require a specific diet plan.

But, the more time you spend with your kitten, the more you will learn about them and it will get easier.

You are going to see that your feline prefers one type of food over the other, and sometimes they go crazy over foods they shouldn’t have.

If your cat enjoys eating fish, just give them fish, but not too much. Just like you do it for yourself, make sure it is variety in the diet of your kitten.

Another thing to consider is to never separate a kitten from the mother while it is still a newborn. In general, the kitten’s mother should be with her until she grows strong enough to eat by themselves.

Many people make this mistake of taking kittens away too early, and this can cause serious health complications.

Avoid such stupid thing!

If you want to know more about choosing cat food, you can check out our previous articles

Okay, it’s time to play with your kitten now!

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