How to Choose the Best Wet Cat Food That Your Cat Would Enjoy?

In general, with three main types of cat food available on the market, we already talked about two of them – the dry cat food and the raw cat food. The other type of cat food you can find is wet cat food. Just like the other types, there are countless of cat food brands producing wet cat food. Want to choose the best wet cat food that your cat would enjoy?

What’re the tips to choose the wet cat food with good quality for your cat?

In this cat food advisor choosing cat food guide, we will discuss how to choose the best wet cat food.

You’ll learn more about the benefits as well as the downsides of wet cat food, how to implement it in your cat’s diet, and know what are some of the best wet cat food brands on the market today.

What is Wet Cat Food?

Wet food is also known as canned cat food. Beyond the raw cat food, the wet food is most likely the second type of cat food that contains a high percentage of meat proteins in the ingredients.

Unlike the dry cat food, the canned food also contains a certain percentage of water that makes it soft and easy to chew.

You should know that wet cat food is the best option for kittens that are still growing teeth, as they are still unable to break the food down properly.

However, just like the rest of the products, even the best wet cat food has its pros and cons. Let’s look into some of them as follows.

Pros of wet cat food

  • Enough moisture

This is an obvious one advantage. The wet cat food contains certain water, as if you always add a little bit more water to the bowl, so that while during a lunch your feline will consume water.

If your cat is problematic when it comes to drinking water, wet cat food might help with the problem.


  • Tastes richer in texture

You will notice that cats go crazy over canned food. Canned cat food has a stronger smell and tastes richer in texture.

It’s meatier in a way, which is something a carnivore (your cat) will definitely enjoy it. There is nothing charminger to a cat than enjoying their good and favorite meal, is there?


  • Much closer to a cat’s natural diet

The wet food close to the raw cat food, which is a cat’s natural diet.

A cat in the wild would eat raw fresh meat, and the wet cat food is much closer to raw fresh meat than the dry cat food. It’s not just in texture and flavor but in nutrition as well. And the dry cat food may contain a lot more grains than wet cat food, cats don’t need many grains.


Cons of wet cat food

  • Budget 

Wet cat food might be a little bit more expensive than dry cat food. So, it might cost a bit more to buy wet food for your cat, but it deserves the investment.


  • A bit messier

As the wet cat food contain certain water, it’s nature to get a bit messier when the cat eating the food. Wet cat food can make a big mess on your kitchen floor if you’re not careful enough.

However, this isn’t a problem when you deal it well.


  • It’s easier to get bad than the dry cat food

So don’t leave wet cat food in the bowl at room temperature for more than an hour.

If you’re gonna open a can of wet cat food, just keep it in the fridge, and measure the portions so you don’t waste it. By this way, you will keep your cat eating healthy food.


Let’s go to choose the best wet cat food for your cat

Our experienced cat food advisor had made lists of dry and raw cat food. The following is a 5 high-quality cat food product list with the best wet cat food brands on the market.

The cat food brands aren’t in a particular order and we put them here for we believe they are some of the healthiest wet cat food products available.

Muse by Purina grain-free natural recipe filets adult wet cat food is 60 grams each. The main ingredient is the organic fish, it well suited for the adult cat.

What’s more important, this food is gluten free and grain free, it also contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Purina Friskies Classic Pate Variety Pack Cat Food

Purina Friskies cat food is 100% complete and balanced for growth of both kittens and adult cats. The food with finely ground to a smooth texture.

Its organic and healthy ingredients will encourage the growth of a feline and maintain the health and the good nutrition in an adult cat.

IAMS Purrfect Delights Flaked Adult Wet Cat Food

This is a wet canned cat food with high-quality, it contains sardines, tuna, and mackerel and has high-quality protein in a complete and balanced meal, which very benefits for your cat to keep healthy.

The lid that is made to open easily and without a lot of effort. It is organic and does not contain gluten, artificial flavors or any toxins.

This SHEBA wet food comes in a very classy and elegant package. It’s a good solution to stop your cat messing your kitchen floor when eating the food.

The main ingredients of this SHEBA wet food are whitefish and tuna, and your cat will definite to adore this food. It is mostly meaty and grain free, which meaning it’s healthy for your cat.

Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Tender Ocean Whitefish Feast Cat Food

Purina Fancy Feast is a best wet cat food made for kittens, it has milk formula that the food made with real milk.

And with the ocean whitefish flavor, with tender texture to please your kittens’ little palate.

I bet your cat will love it! 

What to look for when buying wet cat food?

The answer is pretty much the same as with the dry cat food. What you’re looking for is what a cat’s diet requires so your cat can be healthy.

When you’re purchasing wet cat food make sure it has the nutrition that your cat requires according to their age and weight.

If you have a kitten, then there are special wet food with kitten formulas. The chunks are smaller and it is higher in proteins and calories that kittens need so they can grow and get stronger.

If it’s a adult cat, the ingredients are the same but the chunks might be bigger and the quantity of ingredients may vary.

Baby kittens simply need more of every ingredient, so be careful in making the right choice.

Keep in mind that:

  • To choose the cat food with grain free or as little grains as possible!
  • To buy the cat food with organic, meat proteins, Vitamins (vitamin A, vitamins B6, B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc), calcium and other supplements.
  • It’s a better choice if the canned cat food contains certain fruits or vegetables in it.
  • The last but not the least is the pet food you purchased shouldn’t contain any artificial ingredients.

Feeding the cat wet food to your cat has many benefits:

The wet cat food is easier to digest, so cats with stomach problems might find this better. Just like for baby kittens, wet cat food is also good for older felines since it is easier to digest.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell, and since wet cat food has more smell they might find it more attractive.

All in all, the wet food seems like a better choice than the dry one because it is moist and closer to raw cat food. The best wet cat food is the one that is full of good meat and good supplements.

Should I feed my cat wet cat food only? Or the best wet cat food?

Of course, no. WHY?

Although the wet cat food has over 70% water sometimes, it’s much better than the 70% of carbs you might find when you purchase dry cat food. But you shouldn’t keep your cat with a wet cat food diet only.

Even from this perspective where you can see the benefits of wet cat food, even the best wet cat food isn’t enough to complete the healthiest cat food diet for your cat.

To know the pros and cons of every type of pet food means that you should moderately and in balance control all of them if that’s possible.

Should I mix the wet cat food and dry cat food?

Yes. Once the cat is an adult, mixing both wet and dry food is an ideal diet. This way the benefits of all of them will be stronger than the cons of all of them. The dry food will help with better dental health, and the wet cat food will help with better hydration.

A box of dry cat food will come in handy when you’re not home for a long day, and your cat won’t be hungry since dry cat food can’t go bad that quickly. while wet cat food will be a cat’s favorite food since it is way stronger in texture and color.

For picky eaters, wet cat food might be a good idea. The canned cat food has a stronger smell and it is more attractive to the cat than dry cat food.

Our cat food advisor research shows that a healthy and balanced diet for your cat is really important for their well being, as the diet of your cat can cause a lot of problems if it isn’t proper.

So, what’s the ideal diet for a cat?

For a typical adult cat, the ideal is a mix of both the best wet cat food and the best dry cat food. Both in portions that match the calorie needs and other nutrition of your feline cat.

If you decide to feed your cat just with wet food, that’s okay.

However, make sure to consult with your vet about the more specific needs of your cat. You should do that so you will not deprive them of something.

Maybe you’ll find it a little complicated if you’re a beginner in having a cat and feeding a cat. You might not know the portions of the food to feed, or you not know how frequent feed time should come. Do cats need a dessert?

All of this depends on your cat’s age, weight and health condition. So take your cat for a check and coordinate a diet with them.

It’s okay to make mistakes when you plan your cat’s diet. What really matters is that you always try to improve.

Remember to keep the cans in the fridge!

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