Best Raw Cat Food for Your Cat – Guide to Choosing Best Raw Cat Food

Ever since we domesticated cats and brought them into our homes, they are no longer in an environment where they can just go out and instinctively hunt for their dinner. Therefore, we are responsible for providing them a healthy and nutritious meal. There are different kinds of diets for cats, all based on different kinds of food. There’s the dry cat food, the wet food and there is the raw cat food as well.

Naturally, cats are predators. Meaning that if they were on their own in the wilderness they would go and catch a prey full of protein to have it as a meal. This instinct of cats can be seen in a lot of domesticated cats to this day, as they can still act as predators, kill something and eat it.  Cats are carnivores, so proteins are their main nutritional need. Apart from proteins, cats need water, amino acids, and vitamins. When cat food advisor making a healthy diet plan for your cat you should get informed about all the nutrition important for your cat’s well being.raw cat food

With all this being said, feeding your cat raw food sounds very reasonable since that’s what they would naturally eat. However, there’s been a lot of debating and controversy around this topic and whether this is really the healthiest cat food. In this article, we will talk a little bit more about raw cat foods, how to choose the best raw food for your cat, as well as the pros and cons of raw food.

What is Raw Cat Food?

Raw cat food is simply raw meat that you would feed to your cat. The whole idea behind feeding your cat raw food is to simply bring it to a meal that your cat would naturally eat had it not been domesticated. As we mentioned above, cats are predators and carnivores, meaning they would hunt their prey and eat the fresh meat. You can easily provide raw meat cat food for your cat and prepare it at home. However, you should consider this to be healthy cat food. You can always add supplements to the raw meat in order to make it a better and a healthier meal for your pet.

The Pros Of Raw Cat Food

raw meat

The first and most obvious thing you’re going to notice is that your cat will enjoy raw food more than any other food. Feeding your cat raw food as other benefits too, and here are some of the pros:

Unprocessed, healthy and fresh proteins.

Better digestion. Raw meat is what cats would naturally eat. Their digestive system is made to process raw meat better than any other food.

Better hydration. The raw food contains a certain amount of water. Cats naturally aren’t big water drinkers. They would normally get their water from the food they eat.

Healthy coat. The fatty acids that a raw meal contains are great for your cat’s coating and skin.

Generally improved health. As raw food diet is the closest to their natural diet, a cat’s system is designed for it. Feeding a cat raw food will improve the general health. They will be more energetic and have a healthy weight.

The Cons Of Raw Cat Food

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Budget. Let’s be real, having a pet is like having a child. As silly as it may sound – it is an investment. Raw pet food is more expensive than other types of cat food.

Time. Not all cats will totally love the raw food immediately. It may be the case that it will take a while until your cat gets used to it.

Preparation. How to balance the meal? How much meat? What kind of meat? What supplements? How many times a day? Does the raw meat gross you out a little bit? All of these things you will have to adjust to and figure out. But hey, you love your cat. You’ll get there. 🙂

How to Choose the Best And the Healthiest Raw Cat Food?

To make sure that you’re choosing the healthiest cat food for your cat, you should consider knowing what exactly does your cat need nutrition wise. The cat food advisors recommend that the diet of your cat should contain the following elements:

  • Meat proteins
  • Taurine
  • Fatty acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins (A,B,E,D,C)

What your cat doesn’t need are carbs. Cats don’t really need carbs in their diet. In fact, carbs are more likely to do damage than good to a cat’s system.raw cat food cons

A good raw cat food meal should contain all the protein and other vitamins and minerals that the cat needs to stay healthy. So, you’re going to make the best and most healthy cat food choice by simply making sure you are serving your cat a nutritious and organic meal without any toxins, artificial flavors, and coloring.

Another thing that isn’t good for cats are grains, so avoid food that contains grains. It is okay to add some vegetables in the raw food, because there are vegetables that cats benefit from. You can consider spinach, carrots, and berries.

There are two ways you can provide your cat with some raw food. You can either make it at home, or you can buy it. It is your choice which one you’re going to go for. However, as we said – the best raw food is the one with proper nutrition.

If you want to prepare raw cat food at home…

It is possible. And maybe cheaper. A bit more time consuming, but you will at least have control over every ingredient you add. If you want to make raw food at home, there are tons of recipes online.

Keep an eye on the supplements and on the quality of meat – and you’re good.

Top 5 Best Raw Cat Food Brands

There are companies on the market that make raw food. We mentioned some of them in one of our previous posts. If you want to buy raw food, here are five brands that make good products:

  • Feline’s Pride. They offer a variety of raw food. The meat can be chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey or hen. It contains no vegetables but does contain vitamins.
  • Stella&Chewy’s Pet Food. This brand offers raw food with vegetables added in it.
  • Darwin’s Pet Food
  • Raw Paws Pet Food
  • Northwest Naturals Raw Food For Facts

These are some of the best raw cat food brands you can find, but you can also explore locally and see what is there on the market. Whatever you do, if you decide to go for homemade raw food for your cat, make sure you have added all the vitamins and other supplements needed so the nutrition is in balance.

Should I feed My Cat Raw Food?

Why not? Every diet for cats has pros and cons, whether it is dry, wet or raw food. Many times people are concerned about the bacteria that raw meat contains. Cats are more tolerant and even immune to the bacteria in raw meat. Remember, their system isn’t as ours. If you want to start feeding your cat raw food get informed first. Talk to your vet about it and get some advice. Pay attention to the nutrients of the meal. Pay attention to the quality of the product you’re giving to your cat. best raw cat food

All in all, raw food for your cat isn’t a bad idea. There’s a lot of benefits from it since it is as close to their natural ways as you’re ever gonna get. Avoid making mistakes like not keeping an eye on the balance. Whether we are talking about balance in the ingredients, in the size of the portion or the frequency of the meals.

You don’t have to feed your cat raw food every single day and for every single meal. For example, you can make a diet plan where dry, wet and raw food are included but properly balanced.

Buying commercial raw cat foods can save you the trouble of preparing the meat yourself. It might hit on the budget a little bit, but if you choose a good brand at least you’ll know you’re safe. Once you start feeding your cat raw food you will notice changes – both internal and external. You cat will become more energetic and overall more healthy.

If you decide to go for this option – do a thorough research first. A few things are important: good quality and good nutrition of the raw food, as well as simply knowing and understanding your cat’s needs. There is always going to be a lot of debate on any kind of nutrition whether it is for cats or for people, what is healthy and what is not. Your goal is to always keep a good balance in the cat’s diet just like you would in yours.

Remember, cats have different needs and they are bigger carnivores than we are, that’s for sure. So be open minded to this idea, since you are having a domesticated predator as your pet. 🙂

Good luck!

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