How to Choosing the Best Dry Cat Food for Your Cat ?

We all want the best for our felines. We want to make sure they live a long, happy and healthy life doing what they do best – always not being hungry and always being cute. So, to choose the best dry cat food for our cat’ health and growth is very crucial.

Nowdays, the pet food market offers so many cat food brands  for cats. Our cat food advisor have already discussed a lot tips about how to choose the best cat food.

In all of these cat food buyer guides, cat food advisors recommended some best cat food brands and talked about how to make the best choice for your cat’s diet.

In this article, we will talk more about choosing the best dry cat food for your cat. We will also present you a few cat food brands worth mentioning and checking out if you’re on the hunt for the best dry cat food.

What is Dry Cat Food?

The dry cat food is the most commercial type of cat food out in the market. This is probably the type of food you think of when you think about cat food at all.

There is a certain percent of meat, vitamins, amino acids, vegetables that the dry cat food is made of. That is very important to your cat’s health and growth.

In some cases, there are other not so great ingredients you can find in some cat food products, which is why you need to do your thorough research.

However, just like any other type of cat food, the dry cat food has its pros and cons.

Pros of dry cat food

  • Budget

The dry cat food is usually cheaper than the raw or the canned cat food.

  • Less messy

Feeding a cat can sometimes get messy, if you have a cat you know this. The dry cat food doesn’t really make any mess.

  • It won’t go bad as quickly

The dry cat food lasts longer than the other types of food. It is dry. There isn’t moist so this prevents it from going bad quickly. You will practically never have it go bad, because the cat will eat it before that happens.

So, if you’re away for a longer period of time through out the day, it is a safe option to put in your cat’s bowl. Both wet and raw cat food can go bad very easily.

In fact, it is recommended not to leave them in your cat’s bowl for longer than thirty minutes.

  • It’s good for the cat’s teeth

If it has the right ingredients and it is a quality product, then the dry cat food can improve the dental health of your feline. Just like humans, cats need calcium for good bones and good teeth.

Cons of dry cat food

  • Carbs

It has been proven that cats do not really need carbs as a part of their carnivore diet.

Put it this way:

Naturally, a cat would eat a diet that is very high in protein and really low in carbs (between a percent or two of carbs).

The dry cat food can contain over thirty percent carbs as a part of the ingredients, and sometimes this number goes even up to shocking seventy percent. These carbs in the dry cat food come from the grains.

Our cat food advisors have mentioned many times in our previous articles that grains aren’t good for cats and this is the reason why. They are the source of carbs in the cat food. High percentage of carbs can cause diabetes and other health problems.

  • It does not contain any moist

Unlike raw and wet cat food, the dry cat food doesn’t really contain any moist. It’s..well.. dry. This means that your cat’s system won’t be hydrated after a dry food meal.

If you are feeding your cat dry cat food, then make sure to always have a bowl of fresh water nearby. Otherwise, the dehydration can cause serious kidney and general health problems.

How to Choosing the Best Dry Cat Food for Your Cat ?

Okay, so, how to choose the healthiest cat food in this situation? What is the best dry cat food you can find?

Let’s look at the ingredients that make the healthiest cat food in general, and the best dry cat food first. What should the best dry cat food contain of?

In general, cat food should be low in carbs (as much grain free as possible) and high in proteins. It should be organic and ideally it should have a certain percentage of water.

Another important thing is that the food contains vitamins and other supplements important for the cat.

We already mentioned that dry cat food is usually high in carbs, but when purchasing dry cat food make sure to find something that balances the ingredients properly. Which means high in proteins, as low in carbs as possible and with the proper supplements added to it.

Make sure the ingredients are organic and high in quality. You should always purchase from a well known and reliable cat food brands.

When it comes to moisture..well..not in this case. This is after all dry cat food. You will have to find other ways to keep your cat hydrated – by adding wet food to the diet, and of course, fresh water at any given time.

A few recommended dry cat food brands

Our Cat food advisor made a short list of top 5 cat food brands that make some of the best dry cat food:

  • Spring Naturals Grain Free Chicken Dinner Dry Cat Food – This is a great product that is very healthy for your cat. All ingredients are organic, and it is grain free which means it isn’t high in carbs, yet it is high in proteins. It has vegetables added to it.

  • Petcurean NOW! Fresh Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – This is one of the healthiest cat food options too. Once again grain free. It contains omega oils and antioxidants that improve your cat’s coating, immunity and skin. 

  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food – Organic. High in proteins. With fatty acids. Sounds good. This brand makes other types of dry cat food too. You can find cat food that helps with hairballs and digestion. 

  • Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats – Cat treats usually come in dry food form. This is a great cat treat product. These cat treats are yummy, but what is important about them is that they are also made to improve your cat’s dental health.
  • Temptations Mix Up Cat Treats – These treats are dry and crunchy on the outside, and a bit softer on the inside. The package has a mix of salmon, shrimp and tuna treats. Your feline companion is going to love them!


With the right ingredients and the knowledge of what dry food is in high quality, you can’t go wrong with dry cat food. Simply choose the best dry cat food. That way it will be safe. A reliable product is the best product.

Now, is even the best dry cat food good enough?

Depends. Is it needed? Yes, sure. It adds to the variety of your cat’s diet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding your cat dry cat food.

Just like humans, cats will sometimes consume something that isn’t very healthy. And again, even in this case the key is moderation. A nice balanced diet. You’ve heard this thousands of times, but that’s because it’s important.

As we said, dry cat food can be high in carbs, so watch out for the carbs. The proteins are important and those should be high. The organic ingredients, too.

There are around three hundred calories in a cup of dry cat food. Depending on the age and weight of your cat, you should determine how many calories should they eat per day. Once you have determined this, separate it in portions/meals through out the day.

Just like you would do it with yourself. Always make sure that your cat is eating food that contains the proper nutrition. Every type of cat food has benefits and bad sides, so you’ll be at peace most if at the end of the day you just balanced the types of food you give to your cat.

Variety rocks!

Give your feline companion the variety they need. Dry food+wet food, even raw food. Let them enjoy all the types and all the flavors. You know that they will, that’s what they’re made for. 😉

If you have a kitten that has just entered the adult years of their cat life (usually around 8-9 months), then slowly introduce them to dry cat food.

Obviously you can not introduce them earlier, because just like with humans, cats need to grow teeth and crunch the food that has a more solid texture.

Mix the dry cat food with the wet cat food. Then you can slowly remove the wet food and add water to the dry food, until you serve them a clean dish of dry cat food only.

Just like us, cats enjoy texture, flavors and fresh food. Give your feline the best meal you can provide them with.

The balanced diet plays a great role in cats’s mood, behavior and general health. You will quickly notice what a good meal can do.

So, what else to say but Bon Appétit! 🙂

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