5 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder

All cat owners want to have their furry feline companions in perfect health and save time in feeding food. The best way to achieve that is to buy an automatic cat feeder. More than just giving food to your cat at programmed times; cat feeders also can control your cat’s weight and eating habits.

Want to buy the best automatic cat feeders?

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Needless to say, it saves you the cost of hiring a help to feed your pet.

Buying an automatic cat feeder can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you are looking for especially if it’s your first time.

However, this doesn’t have to be the problem because we prepared a quick guide for buying an automatic pet feeder.

After all, the reason why you are looking for an automatic cat feeder may be that you haven’t enough time to feed your cat.

The 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder

  • Storage 

The first thing you should be wondering is how much food a cat feeder can store. Feeders have a capacity to hold as much or as little food as you want.

You should look for a feeder that stores as much food as your cat feeds per given time. Find out whether it with a fixed portion or it can be adjusted. If your cat needs only a half cup of food per day, what’s the use of buying a feeder that dispenses a full cup?

Ensure that the feeder has a reliable hopper if it’s going to store food for a long.

  • Type of food

The second thing you should know what type of cat food you can put in the automatic feeder to feed to your cat.

Some cat owners feed wet cat food to their cats while others feed dry cat food to them. If you only feed wet cat food to your cat, you will have an easier time when using an automatic cat feeder. However, there aren’t so many options out there for wet food cat feeders.

An automatic feeder that dispenses wet cat food cannot be used for dry cat food. For example, if you attempt to use a dry feeder for wet cat food, it will be messy and useless.

So, you should make sure the type of cat food you want to feed to your cat with the automatic feeder.

  • Number of cats

Unless you have the same breed of cats, then you will need to look for different automatic cat feeder that fit each cat’s dietary needs.

Also, according to your cats’ personalities, some may be too aggressive than the others while feeding hence they need separate feeders.

Alternatively, you can look for a feeder that has a big hopper that can dispense food several times a day to satisfy the food intake of all the cats.

  • The speed of releasing food

Some cats are very smart in devising ways to get more food than the daily intake from the feeder.

As such, a mountable feeder is best to keep the ‘locksmith’ cat away.

Also, a good nozzle should be able to release pellets few pieces at every time. This is especially important for cats that eat too fast.

  • Scheduling

The other very important function of an automatic feeder is to dispense food at pre-set times whether or not you are there.

Therefore, you should look for a feeder that has a digital timer. There are also automatic cat feeders that work on an interval basis. The difference is that the interval based feeders mostly open once or twice in a day, and thus have to tweak after every cycle.

Now that you have known what to look for when buying an automatic cat feeder. Here is a list of the best automatic cat feeders, hoping it can help you choose the best automatic feeder for your cat.

1. PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder
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If your cat gets grumpy when the meal delays, then this automatic pet feeder is the perfect feeder for you.

It has a digital timer which you can program the feeding schedule of the cats. The digital timer makes it convenient to control the time from your phone, therefore, you can make sure that your cat feeds on time.

The five compartments can feed up to five cats for at least five times a day. Note that only four of the meals can be pre-set.

Petsafe (5-Meal) runs on D-cell batteries which last long. Since it feeds up to five cats, the automatic feeder has a secure latching lid to ensure that no cat gets more than its fair share during the scheduled meal times.

Inside the automatic cat feeder, the tray is removable. So it can be cleaned either manually or with a dishwasher.

The PetSafe (5-Meal) is unique because it will allow additional one-hour increments between each meal. It is made up of polypropylene which makes the exterior very strong. Being one of the best sellers in this category on Amazon, PetMate (5-Meal) offers a manufacturer warranty valid through one year.

  • With an easy-to-use digital timer
  • With BPA-free plastic construction
  • It can feed up to 5 cats
  • Both for cats and small dog
  • It’s convenient cleaning for busy pet owners
  • The timer needs to be programmed for at least four meals.


2. Bergan Gourmet

Bergan Gourmet Automatic Pet Feeder
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Not only can this automatic cat feeder store food, but it can also hold as much water as your cat needs. Though it can only feed two cats, this automatic feeder has everything your cats need.

Bergan Gourmet cat feeder is made of BPA free water compartment that can hold up to 1.5 gallons. It is also made of only one compartment for storing dry foods.

Bergan Combo is a feeder suitable for those with nursing cats and kittens. The wide opening makes it easy to refill both the compartments. It also makes it easy to clean them when necessary.

It is safe and hassle-free. It’s worth the try.

  • It’s easy to clean
  • With BPA-free plastic construction
  • Lid prevents splashing and spilling
  • Cannot hold wet  cat food


3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder
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This automatic feeder is very accurate and reliable. It can dispense food to your cat up to twelve meals a day.

That’s not all. This feeder is designed to auto-flash any pellets that get stuck during dispensation. It differs from the PetSafe (5-Meal) by the number of meals per day and the amount of food it can dispense.

While the PetSafe automatic feeder dispenses five meals a day, the PetSafe Simply Feed dispenses up to twelve meals per day.

Therefore, you can be sure that if you have more than one cat, their food intake requirements will meet.

In terms of amount, the former dispenses a fixed portion of a cup while the latter can dispense 1/8 cup to 4 cups. If your cat loves eating fast, this is the automatic feeder that will regulate its speed to avoid vomiting.

Interestingly, this automatic feeder has a pet-proof dispenser that keeps away the feline paws and a good hopper which keeps the food fresh for a long period.

Needless to say, PetMate Simply automatic feeder has a digital timer which powered by four D-cells.

  • With a digital timer programs up to 12 meals a day
  • With flexible meal portions
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • More hygienic with the stainless steel
  • Not very aesthetic


4. Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder -Buyers’ Guide - Best Cat Food Advisor
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The first feature that stands out is the classic design of this automatic pet feeder. It comes in a blue color and is available in one size only.

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder has six dishes with each having different settings for food dispensation six times a day. The am/pm settings can be challenging when you first buy it but nothing the instruction manual can’t fix.

With the built-in clock, you can be on the way to your vacation without worrying about your cat’s feeding schedule. And get this, you can even record a personal message for your cat to accompany meal times so that it feels your presence.

One of the things that make this automatic pet feeder a best seller is that it is so diverse.

It can be used by both dogs and cats.

Moreover, it’s well suitable to use this automatic pet feeder to feed dry cat food, wet cat food to your cat.

  • With built-in clock
  • Flexible feeding schedule
  • With six compartments for use with dry, packaged moist and wet food
  • The lid is not secured


5. Cat Food Bowls Small Pet Bowl Steel Pet Feeder

This feeder is especially suitable for small cats and kitties.

It has two small bowls which are made of metal that keep it hygienic. An advantage of these bowls is that they can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher. Because of its limited capacity to store food, you will be constantly adding food. If you have aggressive cats or more than one cat, it is advisable to avoid buying this automatic cat feeder.

The bowls dispense 1⁄2 cup per day which means it can only feed one cat. They are also able to hold water for your kittens.

The bowls are also with non-skid rubber at the bottom which keeps them from sliding when your cat is jumping and playing.

  • The bowls are stylish
  • Best suited for small cats
  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold cat food and water
  • Suitable for kittens only



Any automatic cat feeder is good so long as you consider the factors mentioned above before buying.

Doing this helps you to avoid the future hassle and unnecessary costs.

Cat food advisor reminded that the aim of an automatic feeder is to train and control your cat’s diet.

Therefore, make sure that you understand the schedule of your feeder to achieve maximum results.

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