Ten Types of Wild Cats You May Never Know

In the wild, there is a large assortment of different felines ranging from very big to miniature cats. There are many types of wild cats which you may have never heard of, they living in many different habitats, ecosystems and various places in the world.

In this article, our cat food advisor will reveal ten different types of wild cats in the world. The content will focus on multiple factors of wild cats lives including where they live, what they eat, how common they are and fun facts.

Ten Types of Wild Cats You May Never Know

10. The Pampas Cat

The Pampas Cat - Types of Wild Cats

The Pampas Cat is a very small wild cat which generally lives in the continent of South America. The most common countries where they live include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. The Pampas cat is usually an orange/yellow color.

They tend to settle down in large forests/grasslands. Their unique names come from the Spanish word “pampas” which refers towards lowlands/plains in South America. This wild miniature cat is under some pressure as a species as it is classified as near threatened. Their habitats being destroyed because of new development in those countries.

9. Bornean Bay Cat

Bornean Bay Cat - Types of Wild Cats

The Bornean Bay Cat only lives on the small island of Bornean in Asia. This rare wild cat breed is under endangered status. Under laws set by the island, they are prohibited to be hunted, pouched, etc. They even have documentation records dating back to 1874. They can grow up to the length of about 26 inches and usually way about 8 pounds.

8. Chinese Mountain Cat

This rare wild cat breed only resides in China. Scientists and experts believe that the population size of this kind cat doesn’t even reach ten thousand.

This type of wild cats usually hunt during the night and sleep during the day. Their main diet consists of small animals like birds, mice, and other rodents as well.

7. Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat

This is a very large cat species. They tend to be almost twice the size as your household pet cat. They are a very muscular breed of felines and are incredibly strong in the wild. Their natural habitat is the south of Asia. They are decreasing in numbers due to new development in their natural habitats.

In the past, the fishing cat encountered problems in population due to poaching. Their fur and meat are very popular and are traded illegally in South Asia. In their diet, the biggest component is fish as it is most common in the areas they live in.

6. Margay Wild Cat

Margay Wild Cat

This miniature wild cat has been a near threatened species for the past few years. It has been highly hunted and poached due to the rarity and beauty of its skin/fur.

They share many features similar to the ocelot as they are closely related as species. The Margay spends most of its time on top of trees scouting out the area. They also do some of its hunting on land occasionally.

5. The KodKod

This is a type of wild cats which is common in the South American countries. It usually resides in rain forests in the vast country. They are nocturnal as they usually sleep during the day and hunt at night. The KodKod is a highly targeted species in their ecosystem by predators and has been vulnerable to population loss for the last decade.

4. The Andean Mountain Cat

The Andean Mountain Cat

Native to the highest areas of the Andes Mountain Range, these cats must live through very difficult conditions. Pet experts believe that their population may not even exceed 2000 felines in the wild. They have been classified as endangered for over a decade and it is the risk of extinction.

There are only two known photos ever taken of this species. They were photographed before the year 1988.

3. The Black-Footed Cat

The Black-Footed Cat

This is the smallest types (miniature cats)of wild cats of African cats which exist. This makes it a very vulnerable cat species which is targeted very commonly for its rare meat.

On average, the Black-Footed cat only grows to about 15 inches in size. This is a carnivore and likes to chew on dead animals flesh. It is a very rare sight to spot one due to their minuscule size and nocturnal habits

2. Jaguarundi Wild Cat

Jaguarundi Wild Cat

This wild cat can be found over many parts of the world. It is indigenous to central and South America but there have been spotting in Mexico and even Texas.

Jaguarundi Wild Cat breed is not threatened and tends to thrive in their habitat. They are generally not poached because their fur is not popular on today’s market. But they are suffering because their habitats are getting destroyed at alarming rates.

1. The Sand Cat

The Sand Cat

These cats are common in many parts of the world including small chunks of Africa and Asia. They enjoy to live in hot, desert habitats and thrive in those conditions.

They have many adaptions on their bodies which allow them to live in hot climates. This is the sole cat species which live in a desert. There is a small amount of these cats in captivity and they are getting studied while in simulated natural conditions.


Above is the list of top ten types of wild cats you may have never heard of. All of the wild felines mentioned are very rare and generally not found on the continent of North America. Most of them have unique traits which allow them to live all over the world!

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